Package Install (n): Ready to play: default config, hi-resolution particles, 24bit textures, add-on maps, LOCs)
nQSS-M 1.5.0
Win64 (x64)

Engine Only:
QSS-M 1.5.5

Windows (32 bit) | Win64 (x64) | Linux (amd64) | MacOS (Universal)

PAK0 & PAK1 from registered Quake required to be installed in id1 folder
Buy on Steam (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Quake\Id1) or Quake CD on ebay


QSS-M Commands & Variables
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Sample Config
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QSS-M GitHub Repo
Source Engine Docs: ProQuake | Qrack | Fitzquake | Quakespasm | QSS rc7, QSS


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NetQuake Community Discord | Quake Remastered Community Discord
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[email protected] | discord: woods#3451